SECEPRO as SEEMF Partner 2016 in Belgrade, with Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic

Richard Linning, Fellow IPRA Fellow CIPR,  President of the International Public Relations Association London (2011):   This initiative is welcome as a contribution to our goal as professional communicators of promoting the  freedom of opinion and expression and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas across borders through every media.  This also implies, we must remember, respect and tolerance of  the opinions of others

Jovana Trifunovic Communication Manager, ERSTE Foundation,  Vienna: Having undergone tremendous political and economic changes in the past years, the CEE is ready for the next step. It is time to set up standards of excellence and strengthen cross border networks and cooperation, also in the field of public relations. The SECEPRO initiative represents a timely response to this need and has great potential to enhance the public relations image in the region and establish itself as the trademark for quality in this field.                                                                                          

Amra Odobašić PR and Communication Consulter,  Tuzla:   SECEPRO opens the possibility of connecting, sharing knowledge and experiences in order to create a professional space for communication. I believe that the initiative and bringing together PR and media professionals is an excellent way to develop the profession and ideas. In the midst  of this organization scope of work education  should be placed so as sharing practical knowledge and research projects. I think the SECEPRO at this time is an excellent opportunity for us all. I am sure that SECEPRO will become a strong and effective initiative for the protection of the philosophy of Public Relations and development of professional ethics and standards.    

Vilma Biba,Training/education program manager Kosovo Institute for Public Relations, Pristina:   This is an excellent opportunity for PR and media organizations and practitioners,  to jointly offer new, more creative alternatives to the communications industry throughout the region.  All this, in one unique platform, created especially for such cooperation!

Misa Luksic,  CEO,  MMSCommnications / Publicis Group Serbia (Leo Burnett, Saatchi&Saatchi  and Publicis),  Belgrade:   It is my pleasure to greet and support the recently created South East and Central Europe PR Organisation (SECEPRO). I consider that such an organisation will contribute to improving  the standards and enhancing communication in our professional work.

Andrej Drapal Partner, marketing and PR consultant,  Pristop d.o.o.  Ljubljana:   In a  world where it seems that professionals are rapidly specializing and drawing borders to safeguard their territories, SECEPRO is an important lighthouse for a practice that would treat human actions as human and not as being fragments of professional machineries.  

Angelka Peeva Laurencic Manging Director at ImagePR Skopje:   Effective PR depends on knowing your surrounding well. As a region we share similar values and perspectives, so we all benefit from this platform for cooperation and networking among professionals. Looking forward to a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experience.  

Aleksey Soldatenko Owner, Image Rost PR Agency  Kharkiv:       I am sure that SECEPRO will become a strong and actual initiative to protect the philosophy of Public Relations, develop professional ethics and standards, self-regulate the professional environment. This is the most important aspects of what we could do to keep the reputation of PR specialists and trust of the clients in many European countries. IRMI also welcomes any opportunity to unite professional in order to communicate, exchange experience and good practices.

Nuri M. Çolakoğlu, President,  Dogan Media International,  Istanbul (2012):    By creating an effective and interactive PR network, the companies located in South East and Central Europe will boost their operations and also lead the way for a better informed and faster reacting working environment.

Milenko Djuric, Author of the first PR book in former Yugoslavia (2019): SECEPRO we need and it is the basic for cooperation in South, East and Central Europe - it is our PR bridge.

Tatjana Cvetkov Čikošev  (201)Head of Department for Development and Advertising, NIS, Belgrade:   The creation of the SECEPRO is a great contribution to the preservation of the PR profession. In a time when you can objectively and professionally be in a collision with the commercial, and under the influence of big capital, very often it is necessary to bring together all those who are ready to stand on the side of professionalism, and through the exchange of experience and information, contribute to the further development of our profession. That is why an initiative like this is welcome and deserves full support.